Superconducting magnet

12/11/2021 sixteen 0 Different kinds of rare earth magnets serve one of the most key roles in the field of contemporary Physics. The magnetic fields they generate keep the plasma in the chambers of thermonuclear reactors that are experimental by assisting them. particle flows are increased and directed into the accelerator tunnels, for instance. But… Continue reading Superconducting magnet


Where can I purchase magnets? Grainger is a great place to start. This store has a fantastic range of rare earth magnets, cylinders and discs, and a wide range of neodymium metallics that include the highly effective NdFeB. Rare earth magnets are excellent to use in everyday life and have numerous industrial applications. They can… Continue reading Untitled

Basics of Magnets

Basics of magnets What is a Magnet? Magnets are objects that contain specific elements. They create a magnetic field. Magnets must have at least two poles, north and south. The magnetic field lines exiting at the north end of the magnet and reentering at its south end. No matter how large a magnet is, it will… Continue reading Basics of Magnets